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What if….

We’re going on a field trip to Lansing this week and I have worked very hard to prepare everything… First aide bags for all the chaperones Itineraries Brain Bogglers and song sheets for the bus ride Name tags for all Scavenger hunt for the museum etc. etc. etc. And finally, when I get all things … Continue reading What if….

Countdown to Vacation

Starting to visualize personal time… Walks in the park Playing the piano Movies with mom Day trips Reading to read Playing games like scrabble with family Shovel out piles and file Time with friends and family Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep Play, play, play, play, play, play

Just Say No

I went to the Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference this weekend. The presentations on the whole were excellent! When I attend a conference, I typically attend every single session possible…I am passionate about learning… However, there was this one session… The theory behind the session was great…it had to do with creating a script and … Continue reading Just Say No

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