Eliminate the Pure Michigan Ad Campaign?

This is what caught my attention on the news this morning as I was getting ready for my day. According to Channel 2 News, this successful ad campaign may be eliminated. A man named Brandenburg wants to cut Micnhigan taxes and proposes that eliminating this Pure Michigan campaign would save millions of dollars. He claims the program is not working.

I am wondering how he is measuring the success of the program? I know for my students, it has been an amazing model for for both elementary and middle school students. In middle school, students researched the push-pull factors of colonists who left England to come to the east coast to establish the 13 colonies. They created iMovie trailers that reflected, “Pure Colonial Massachussetts” or Pure (whatever colony they chose to research for the pull factors). The students loved showcasing their research in a creative way. We showed the Pure Michigan ads to kick off our unit. It was meaningful that the kids were already familiar with the ad campaign. Furthermore, our third graders study Michigan this year in social studies. They research places in Michigan and create a Pure Michigan ad for the place that they research. It also helps their persuasive writing as they need to have reasons and examples for why people should come to the area they are researching.

I for one, will miss these ads. They have been “successful” as an instructional tool…and for me, when I see the ads, I am proud to be a Michigander…I will be sorry to see the campaign end!


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