Let Go or Be Dragged (American Proverb)

I noticed the quote,” Let Go or Be Dragged” on my refrigerator as I was preparing my lunch for today. It reminds me NOT to make up stories about things that happen. When someone says or does something that hurts or offends me I have to work hard at not attaching an intention…because when I do, I walk around with hurt feelings…sometimes ruminating over the issue…trying to justify why I was right to feel hurt or offended…I guess one could call it a victim’s mindset. So….each day I remind myself (being sensitive can be a blessing and a curse 🙂 ) to “let it go”…and I find it liberating not to carry around extra baggage!

However…if I can’t let it go, I have to the confidence to have a clarifying conversation with the person that hurt or offended me…that way I can uncover the “real” story behind the action and come to resolution.

I am a first time blogger…each day when I write I surprise myself at what ends up on the paper…I feel like I am writing to myself…but sharing with the world…hmmmmmm


2 thoughts on “Let Go or Be Dragged (American Proverb)

  1. I love this quote. When I was raising teen girls, I had to constantly remind myself to not take it personally. Here’s to day 3 of blogging. Keep going!


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