What did you do or accomplish that you are most proud of this week?

What did you do or accomplish that you are most proud of this week?

That was one of the questions I posed on my students’ entrance ticket this week. I didn’t realize when I crafted that question how much I could learn about my students. Their answers gave me insight on how they prioritized things that mattered to them.

Some answers were:

  • Something this week I accomplished is I finished my lead on my article for my leatherback sea turtle. I am so proud of me and my partner.(This is a struggling writer)
  • I am proud of my research. I’m soooooooooo close to finishing! The only thing I have to finish is my lead and the pictures!! I have a few more sentences and I’m done!!! (this is a strong writer)
  • I asked people that were on the bote (buddy) bench if they wanted to play.
  • Something I accomplished this week is my divition (division) story problems in math.
  • I learned how to bring a photo to the wiki for my article.
  • I am most proud of me adding a lot of writing to my research, especially the lead because my partner and I both did our personal best. Together we made a fantastic article with lots of information (strong writers that needed to raise their bar and they did 🙂

I began to wonder what would I consider an accomplishment I could be proud of this week?

At first I was thinking it would be completing the first week of blog posts on time… but when I read the posts of the kids, I think that I am most proud that what I taught in school mattered to the kids…

What accomplishment are you most proud of this week?


4 thoughts on “What did you do or accomplish that you are most proud of this week?

  1. Instead of accomplishing, I feel more of a perserverence. We had a stormy day that had kiddos unsettled, Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations and Book Fair. Too many exciting happenings for a week…


  2. I loved reading what your students felt they accomplished. My accomplishment this week was helping students with makerspace.


  3. I would love to hear more about makerspace. Do you have time to share what makerspace is and how you help your students? Or maybe that can be an entry…I know that time is limited…but I truly would love to know about thatA!


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