I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

It seems to me that singing/music has a magical quality that brings people together.

All through my life, no matter how much my siblings (I have six of them…4 brothers and 2 sisters) fought (as sibs do…) when we were at the dinner table or in the car, we all sang our little hearts out. We sang in harmony, we sang rounds, we had parts…we leaned into the moment and were connected…

I loved singing around the campfire…arms linked, bodies gently rocking, harmonica playing, the peacefulness filled my soul…

I love when the “big house” (University of Michigan) stadium rocks with Sweet Caroline and whether you are a Wolverine fan or a Spartan fan, everyone is united…and even better…when we sing the Star Spangled Banner, we are standing together as Americans…and again…I am filled with emotion…e plu·ri·bus u·num…”out of many, one.”

And now…I love to sing with the children in my classroom. We sing on the bus, we sing in our morning meetings and we are …”in perfect harmony”…


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