Thanks for the Memories

Today is the anniversary of my father’s passing.

So, it is our custom to light a candle that burns for 24 hours.

It ‘s interesting how much I feel his presence today…

I thought I would write a bio poem (we are writing them in class…so it’s on my mind) in his memory…


Passionate, Determined, Family-Oriented, Generous

(hmmm…just 4 adjectives…I can’t do it…I’m taking poetic license)

Loving, Creative, Intelligent, Patriotic

Father to Larry, Linda, Howard, Stephen, Joanne, Ricky, and Nancy

Lover of his Family, his Country, Tradition, Singing, and Writing Poetry

Who Felt the Need to Impart his Wisdom

Who Feared War, Antisemitism, and Anonymity

Who Gave the World the Gift of his Book of Poetry

Who Would Like to See his Children and Grandchildren Successful

Who was Proud to have Traveled the World with his One True Love, Eleanor



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