So…what do I say…?

It’s midnight…and later today…I will have to enter the home of grieving parents.

Their son passed away what is now yesterday…totally unexpected. He went to work…didn’t feel well…and died within 48 hours…What will I say when I see them? What will be just the right words to bring comfort? I can lead with hugs…but what then? I think I am supposed to be quiet and let the people who are grieving lead…but I know I will feel uncomfortable and want to fill up any quiet moments with just the right words…but what are they?

Any advice?


6 thoughts on “So…what do I say…?

  1. Wow! You just described my last week.
    Be ready for the need for a hug.
    Be ready for the need for a compliment.
    Be ready with your favorite story/memory that will share your relationship with them/ their son.
    Take something. What do they need? In order in terms of practicality: paper products (TP, paper towels, napkins), a card, a picture, a poem, something for the son’s family if he has one,


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