With Gratitude

This is my first time participating in the Slice of Life challenge.

I don’t keep a personal journal and I am more of a wiki girl than a blogger.

However, I have been extremely moved by the warmth and compassion of this Slice of Life community, though they are invisible, their words are present.

People have taken their time to reach out to me, though they don’t even know who I am…

They have supported me when I have written about loss–

They make encouraging comments on my writing attempts–

They share their wisdom–

And I love to learn from them–

Love to read their posts–

Admire their creativity–

Enjoy their talents…

Celebrate their joys and give support if needed–

Thanks to the Slice of Life Community for this meaningful experience!



16 thoughts on “With Gratitude

  1. Oh my goodness, I love the photo banner in your blog; it’s breathtaking. Beautiful reflection on the power of people. I am a first time slicer as well, so I share your sentiments. As a writer, here is a line I like from your piece, ” ..though they are invisible, their words are present.” Powerful.


  2. The community is large and it is hard to get to know everybody. With some it is possible to build a stronger connection. With some it may be quick visit and hello. With both cases the comments matter. The people here are genuinely kind and supportive. I am sorry for your loss.


  3. I was nervous last year when I did the challenge for the first time. I was so supportive and motivated that I could hardly wait to start this year! Glad you are enjoying TWT SOL Challenge.


  4. I have participated for a number of years. Almost didn’t this year, thinking I didn’t have time. I couldn’t imagine not joining the group again. It’s family! I’m glad you are a new family member!


  5. This is my second year. I was so inspired last year by all the other writers. I felt so proud of myself that I posted all 30 days. I enjoy reading the other posts, and I appreciate the feedback I get from the other writers. Welcome!


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