Are you a duck?

I promised my colleague I would write about ducks.

My colleague is so deliciously calm…when I am in her space, I can feel my whole body say…relax…take a minute…breathe…life is good…

I am high energy…and sometimes frenetic around report card time because there is soooo much I want to get done,  accomplish it with a high standard, and sooooo little time. As I am typing, describing my anxiety, I can even feel my fingers speed up on the computer keys…


We were having a conversation in the hall last week and I said to her, “how do you stay so calm when there is so much we have to accomplish?” I shared with her how I wear everything on my sleeve…I communicate my concerns…and everything is right there…what you see is what you get.

And she replied…I am stressed as well (I can’t remember the exact words…so I am not quoting…) I just keep it all inside. And I said, “oh, your’re a duck!”

Someone once told me a long time ago that they were a duck. You see me as calm duck swimming gracefully in the pond. What you don’t see, is that I am paddling as fast as I can under water.

How do you handle your stress?

Are you a duck?

Not me!



7 thoughts on “Are you a duck?

  1. Oh no… I was waiting until midnight to post .., this is for tomorrow! I hope it still counts! Tomorrow I will be getting ready for conferences so I was waiting up to post one minute after midnight!


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