Best Part

.This year, I decided to keep all of the kids work (tests, performance tasks, writing prompts, goals, formative assessments, works that are considered more significant than daily work)…cumulatively in a binder. Today, I passed the binders back to the kids and had them notice how they have grown . They put sticky notes on papers they wanted their parents to notice…with ¬†notes as to why they thought the pieces were significant. Students were so proud of their progress.The fun part was when the most academically challenged student handed me his binder packed with sticky notes…It warmed my heart that he felt so positive about his growth.It was truly the highlight of my day.


3 thoughts on “Best Part

  1. My students have kept writing folders for several years now. It is always fun to watch them compare what they did in the fall to what they can do in the spring as they truly are amazed at their own growth. So glad you got to experience this, too!


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