What is Your Preferred Communication Style?

At our last staff meeting, the question was raised, What is your preferred communication style? One person wrote, “Stop and Think.” Another person wrote, “To the Point,” and finally another person wrote, “Tell me Now!”

I wrote, “Give me the bottom line!”

Many times, I just want to know the story has a happy ending, then I can listen patiently to the blow by blow delivery.  When something goes awry, I just want to know the bottom line, so I can  work on a plan B.

When you communicate…what is your style?

On another note…What is your preferred communication style in terms of face to face or online? Would you prefer a text, phone conversation or face to face discussion?

I am starting to nod off…

Will I be able to fight the fatigue and get this posted a minute after midnight so I don’t forget during my teaching day tomorrow…? I wish I could post this and have it become visible at the time I set it for…

All for now…


8 thoughts on “What is Your Preferred Communication Style?

  1. This is a great question! In terms of professional communication, there are times when email works, but there are times when face to face is necessary. I have to think about my answer for the former question. LOVE this! (By the way, I can schedule posts on blogger. I wonder if you can do it on wordpress too?)


  2. Hmmm…I’m not sure what my preferences are. I’m learning to love email and it’s ease. But sitting face to face is very nice. I definitely respond well to humor.
    BTW, you can schedule posts on WordPress. Next to the Publish button, there is a little calendar icon. Click on it. Then you can pick the day and the time. You need to make sure your blog is set to your time zone. You can change it in settings. ( I just figured out how to do all that a few weeks ago myself)😉


    1. I agree about the value of face-to-face, direct, genuine communication, especially because nonverbal messages are all part of the communication package. However, I love the opportunity to text…to let people I care about know that I am thinking of them…with even a simple good morning graphic!

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  3. It depends on the situation. For medical and business, I love email and getting texts. I love writing but I also know that emails can cause confusion when discussing big issues.
    I hate confrontation. I have learned that I do better when I have calmed down and think things through.

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  4. I love texts when I am not in a position that I can talk…it keeps me updated and informed. I love face to face when I am speaking any matters of the heart.
    I hate confrontation as well…but love to resolve conflicts and develop perspective.


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