45 Minute Sponge-Got one?

Going to Lansing on a field trip tomorrow and I noticed a 45 minute wait when we first arrive at the capitol building. I figure if I plan properly, this could be a fun bonding moment. So I searched my brain thinking of what would work…it has to be engaging with very few materials. I thought of short stories…and I have some great ones…I don’t know where we will wait so I don’t know how the acoustics will be…there will be 38 kids and about 19 adults.

I found some DooRiddles…they are really a brain stretch…

A part of a cake,

A part of a pie;

The state of the world

When bullets don’t fly.

Who am I? ________________________________


That make work…short, interactive…

Anybody have any other thoughts???


3 thoughts on “45 Minute Sponge-Got one?

  1. Dooriddles are a great idea 😃
    How about having your students do observational drawings? They could focus in on one part of the building’s architecture. (Prior to drawing have students do partner talk being specific about the type of lines they see, shapes etc. You then model a drawing yourself talking aloud as you do yours thereby demonstrating to the class your thinking and choices you are making.)


  2. Dooriddles sound like a great idea… Be sure to have a fun day and I think your 45 minutes will have some great future slices.


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