I Wish You More


I wanted to write my last post based on the book, I wish you more…which is what I wish for all my new writing community…(I will have to redo this post later…I am just worried I might forget to post and this is our last day of my first Slicer’s challenge so I wanted to be sure to complete it). The book is about wishes, but is written in such a way that each page touches your heart. There is a pattern to each page… I wish you more _____________________ than ____________________ so my kids wrote their own wishes. We had them posted for March is Reading Month on my door.

wish book




Some of my student wishes were:

I wish you more friends than ends.

I wish you more fries than lies

I wish you more mates (friends) than hates

I wish you more originals than fakes

I wish you more glides than slides (an ice skating picture below)

I wish you more lights than frights!

I wish you more positivity than negativity


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