5 Second Rule

My younger sister told me about her 5 second rule. She said when things go awry in her life, she has 5 seconds to acknowledge that she is in a place she wouldn’t like to be in…5 seconds to wish she were in a different place…at the end of 5 seconds she has to pull herself out of her sad place and acknowledge how lucky she is…

.,..that she woke up that day

…that she has a roof over her head

…food on her table

—and that she is alive

…Things could always be worse…

I think she has great advice…but I would add that a home made chocolate chip cookie and perhaps a glass of wine is also helpful in attitude adjustments 🙂

This is my first Tuesday entry…I am grateful to be part of this community…





2 thoughts on “5 Second Rule

  1. excellent advice — especially since just had the shock of seeing the Tuesday notice right after post late to another (supposedly more topic focused) blog. OMG it’s Tuesday; Well, I’m going to bed now. It will still be Tuesday when I wake up and the blogs a decent distance apart.

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