Carb Coma


Matzah  for eight days.

Traditions and family,

At sundown, Pizza Rocks!



5 Second Rule

My younger sister told me about her 5 second rule. She said when things go awry in her life, she has 5 seconds to acknowledge that she is in a place she wouldn’t like to be in…5 seconds to wish she were in a different place…at the end of 5 seconds she has to pull herself out of her sad place and acknowledge how lucky she is…

.,..that she woke up that day

…that she has a roof over her head

…food on her table

—and that she is alive

…Things could always be worse…

I think she has great advice…but I would add that a home made chocolate chip cookie and perhaps a glass of wine is also helpful in attitude adjustments 🙂

This is my first Tuesday entry…I am grateful to be part of this community…




I Wish You More


I wanted to write my last post based on the book, I wish you more…which is what I wish for all my new writing community…(I will have to redo this post later…I am just worried I might forget to post and this is our last day of my first Slicer’s challenge so I wanted to be sure to complete it). The book is about wishes, but is written in such a way that each page touches your heart. There is a pattern to each page… I wish you more _____________________ than ____________________ so my kids wrote their own wishes. We had them posted for March is Reading Month on my door.

wish book




Some of my student wishes were:

I wish you more friends than ends.

I wish you more fries than lies

I wish you more mates (friends) than hates

I wish you more originals than fakes

I wish you more glides than slides (an ice skating picture below)

I wish you more lights than frights!

I wish you more positivity than negativity

What if….

We’re going on a field trip to Lansing this week and I have worked very hard to prepare everything…

First aide bags for all the chaperones


Brain Bogglers and song sheets for the bus ride

Name tags for all

Scavenger hunt for the museum

etc. etc. etc.

And finally, when I get all things in order…the what ifs start infiltrating my calm…

What if the bus driver gets lost?

What if one of my students has an allergic reaction?

What if a student breaks his or her leg?

What if we don’t get back in time for the buses?

What if the parent chaperones who drive separately aren’t waiting for us when we get there?

What if a student gets lost?

What if there isn’t a male chaperone to supervise the boys in the bathroom in the capitol building? And worse…what if…?

Even though we always have a great time on this field trip…I am so grateful to return the kids safely to their parents at the end of the day 🙂

45 Minute Sponge-Got one?

Going to Lansing on a field trip tomorrow and I noticed a 45 minute wait when we first arrive at the capitol building. I figure if I plan properly, this could be a fun bonding moment. So I searched my brain thinking of what would work…it has to be engaging with very few materials. I thought of short stories…and I have some great ones…I don’t know where we will wait so I don’t know how the acoustics will be…there will be 38 kids and about 19 adults.

I found some DooRiddles…they are really a brain stretch…

A part of a cake,

A part of a pie;

The state of the world

When bullets don’t fly.

Who am I? ________________________________


That make work…short, interactive…

Anybody have any other thoughts???

What is Your Preferred Communication Style?

At our last staff meeting, the question was raised, What is your preferred communication style? One person wrote, “Stop and Think.” Another person wrote, “To the Point,” and finally another person wrote, “Tell me Now!”

I wrote, “Give me the bottom line!”

Many times, I just want to know the story has a happy ending, then I can listen patiently to the blow by blow delivery.  When something goes awry, I just want to know the bottom line, so I can  work on a plan B.

When you communicate…what is your style?

On another note…What is your preferred communication style in terms of face to face or online? Would you prefer a text, phone conversation or face to face discussion?

I am starting to nod off…

Will I be able to fight the fatigue and get this posted a minute after midnight so I don’t forget during my teaching day tomorrow…? I wish I could post this and have it become visible at the time I set it for…

All for now…

Countdown to Vacation

Starting to visualize personal time…

  • Walks in the park
  • Playing the piano
  • Movies with mom
  • Day trips
  • Reading to read
  • Playing games like scrabble with family
  • Shovel out piles and file
  • Time with friends and family
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Play, play, play, play, play, play

Just Say No

I went to the Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference this weekend.

The presentations on the whole were excellent!

When I attend a conference, I typically attend every single session possible…I am passionate about learning…

However, there was this one session…

The theory behind the session was great…it had to do with creating a script and having kids act out some concepts about science…The presenter asked for volunteers to wear costumes and act out her play.

Just this once…I did not want to volunteer to act it out…she asked for about 9 volunteers…just this once I wanted to volunteer to be the audience…really…just this one time…The presenter begged and cajoled…and I held out…one by one participants reluctantly volunteered…it was painful…but I held on…just this one time, I thought…I did not want to be a seed, or a flower, or a watering can…just this once…

But when she asked for the ninth volunteer…the room went silent. I tried to hold out…I lowered my eyes and tried to become invisible…still silence…she was begging…I couldn’t hold on…slowly, reluctantly, I walked up and put on the bee costume…I stood there for a while…until my friend signaled me…it was time for our next session…and I wasn’t going to be late…so I gave the bee costume to the flower…and swiftly ran out of the room to my next session.

Well…I couldn’t say no to the presenter…but I did say yes to my next session.



I spent the day immersed in science and engineering practices at the MSTA conference in Novi. I LOVE learning as much as I can as fast as I can. One of the things that impressed me the most was the emphasis on engineering. It emphasizes and encourages creative thinking, perseverance, analysis, collaboration, redesigning, and inquiry. When I looked at this presentation slide, “We use the term ‘engineering’ in a very broad sense to mean any engagement in a systematic practice of design to achieve solutions to particular human problem,” I felt like I am an Ed-gineer…after all, I design curriculum to match what my students need, keeping in mind their interests, talents, learning styles, abilities, and content…and when I “test” it out, I may have to redesign to either challenge or re-mediate for students to optimize their learning.

I think my next business card will read: Joanne Rowe, Ed-gineer

Looking forward to another packed day of learning!