“Crisis is an Opportunity Turned inside Out”

I always liked this quote that used to hang in the waiting area of my father’s law office. Today when I was thinking of using the quote to write as my reflection du jour, I was struck by the idea that this was an odd quote to hang in a “law office.”

Though this is the quote as I remember it, I can’t seem to find it online…so who knows what the exact quote is…that said, I continue to be inspired by the version I remember in my mind’s eye.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Regarding Henry” (one of my favorites)

“Henry Turner is a despicable and ruthless trial lawyer whose life is turned upside down when he is shot in the head during a robbery. He survives the injury with significant brain damage and must re-learn how to speak, walk, and function normally. He has also lost most of the memory of his personal life, and must adjust to life with the family that he does not remember. To the surprise of his wife and daughter, Henry becomes a loving and affectionate man.” His family comes out of this nightmare strong, closer, and happy.

While that is a more drastic example…I try to use it as a reminder to “find the lesson” in a difficult situation…or ask myself…what am I supposed to learn from this?

I usually find, that while I don’t always understand the lesson at the time of the crisis or difficult time…it usually surfaces over time and I am better for it.


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